By placing an order with us you agree to the following terms & conditions.

NB! Because printed matter is a custom product, the right of withdrawal does not apply to sales to both companies and consumers.

Risograph is a digital stencil printing technique that has unique characteristics and always shows small imperfections. That concerns the following:

1. Stains

  1. Risograph ink is made from vegetable oil, water and pigments. The ink resembles newspaper ink, so it never dries completely and can therefore bleed.
  2. We can help through pre-press to keep staining to a minimum, but this can never be completely prevented.

2. Uneven Coverage

  1. Large patches of color are very likely to show variations in opacity.
  2. We can advise you on the ink and percentages to get the desired effect.

3. Registration

  1. Riso is similar to screen printing in that each ink color is printed separately. A single sheet of paper will go through our machines several times for a multi-colored project. As a result, the overlap of the colors may be irregular.
  2. We recommend trapping to print two different colors exactly next to each other (without disturbing gaps).
  3. We offer file configuration and color profiling (pre-press) to help you with this, please indicate this with your quote request.

4. Traces

  1. When paper is passed through the machine multiple times and when a lot of ink is used, the paper feed wheels may leave feed marks on the prints.
  2. We try to prevent this as much as possible, for example by printing the thickest printed layer last.
  3. If the ink is pressed too close to the edge, the paper collector can leave a trace on the print, this can only be prevented by not pressing too close to the edge. If we see that this is the case with your print, we will inform you in advance.


  1. Quotations are valid for 30 days and serve as an estimate, may change depending on the final print file and the print run of the project.


  1. We will send an invoice afterwards that must be paid within 14 days.

Production time

  1. Our production schedule can vary greatly depending on the amount of work at the time. We typically require 7-14 business days to produce fine art prints, flyers, cards, brochures and posters. Items that require bonded or other complex finishes have longer production times. Ask for a personal estimate with your quote request. Shipping is not included in the production time.

Customers, deadlines and urgent orders

  1. If you have a deadline, please let us know at the time of the order. If the deadline is less than 7 business days, it is considered a rush order. We can generally accept a urgent order, but we charge a urgent rate for this. Call or email us so we can discuss your options with your specific deadline.
  2. We are not responsible for any delays with the carrier.


  1. We ship within the Netherlands via PostNL, always with a track and trace code so you can track your order.
  2. We are not responsible for damage and any delays caused by the carrier.
  3. We do not refund printing costs for projects delayed by shipping.

Pre-production approval

Quotation: Before production, we will send you a quotation detailing the final choices and details you have made for your project. Read the quote carefully before you agree to the production, because this is how we will carry out your order. By agreeing you agree to our terms and conditions and that the details of the print job are correct. Any previous email or communication contradicting the quote is no longer valid.

Proof: Because Riso requires a master to be made for every color and design printed, producing a single copy for a proof is very costly. If you would like to have a paper version of a single print printed, we will send you a quote.

File Settings

  1. We have instructions for setting up files for printing on our website. We always check all files for errors free of charge and will pass them on if we identify them. We also offer prepress, this service is shown in the quote you receive before the start of the project.
  2. We are not responsible for delivery delays due to errors in your file.
  3. We cannot be held responsible for:
    1. Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors made by the customer.
    2. Poor quality or low resolution of supplied images.
    3. Design errors or color selection errors made in the customer’s design.
    4. Errors in customer selected options such as size, finish options or quantity.
    5. Incorrect dimensions, placement, files sent by customer.
    6. Deviation of the colors compared to the digital file.
    7. Delivery delays due to incorrectly prepared files, failure to deliver files on time, failure to respond to questions in a timely manner and changes in the print run by the customer.