Welcome to TOSAM Studio, a creative studio for riso and graphic design located in Utrecht. Founded by Thomas van der Vlis in 2012 and driven to make beautiful work ever since.

With a proactive attitude we dive into both digital and analog projects. Think illustrations, book designs, branding, small print, and web design – we’ve got you covered.

What really sets us apart is riso printing and book making. We’re super excited to bring our skills to your projects, whether it’s a small batch of cards or entire book runs. Swing by our riso workshop to not only get your own prints but also join some fun riso workshops.

We also love showcasing creativity. We offer a platform where makers like you can display and publish your work through exhibitions and publications. You’ll find us in Het Huis van Betekenis, where we share a space with a lively crowd of designers, illustrators, and other artists.

Want to know more about what we do? Reach out anytime. Whether you’ve got an assignment, fancy a collaboration, or just want to chat over coffee, we’re excited to connect to make something together 🙂